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Tackling the plastic problem.

Insight Tackling the Plastic Problem For the past eight years, we have been committed to the responsible and sustainable use of plastics in our business.

How Consumers React to Visual Marketing

Insight On average, retail outlets contain about 30,000 SKU’s that are supported by nearly 10,000 pieces of marketing material. So, with all this stimulus vying

Digital in Retail: From Bricks to Bytes

INSIGHT A Quick Recap. From bricks to bytes Digital shopper engagement in the retail environment enables the recognition of a shopper in-store, but also contributes

Sustainability: Green Fingers

INSIGHT Reap what you sow. There has been an undeniable shift in the world’s mindset towards sustainability and “going green”. As consumers find ways to

Value Engineering in POSM

INSIGHT Both a marketing and business advantage Did you know, the Value Engineering of Point of Sale Merchandise (POSM) units has both Marketing and Financial

The Informal Customer

Insight Understanding who is the informal customer The main difference between formal and informal customer interactions is how the relationship is built and maintained. The

The Informal Market

Insight Leveraging the consumer spend of the grey economy For as long as we can remember, the informal market has been significantly neglected by big-brand

EcoVadis awards Point Silver

EcoVadis awards Point Silver We are proud to announce that EcoVadis has awarded Silver to Point in recognition for our CSR achievement. The EcoVadis audit has ranked

The Internet of Things

Insight The Internet of Things is an extension of internet connectivity to physical objects and inanimate things. IoT bridges the gap between the physical world,

Top 7 Marketing Trends in 2019

Insight Customer experience leads 2019 marketing trends The latest marketing trends to watch out for this year are out. There’s definitely a theme in this

Smart Procurement: Sourcing Innovation

Insight Sourcing Innovation Alarmingly procurement is still viewed as a financial activity or an administrative process, rather than as an operational strategic activity that ultimately

FinTech: Deciphering AI

Insight Deciphering Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consumer purchasing power is drastically growing. Luckily advancements in the Financial Technology (FinTech) sector are allowing brands and businesses to

DAM: Opening the Flood Gates

Insight Digital Asset Management (DAM) So what’s this DAM thing that you keep hearing about, and can it really make a difference to your organisation?

Joining forces on Nelson Mandela Day

Insight Joining forces on Nelson Mandela Day 18th July marked a special day in South Africa – the late Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, making this

Online Engagement: Counting the Clicks

Insight Counting the Clicks The digital marketing space is forever evolving, as are the longstanding tools and platforms which seem to be unwavering. As the

Digital in Retail: Digital 101

Insight Digital 101 Digital shopper engagement in the retail environment enables the recognition of a shopper in-store, but also contributes to better understanding of how