What if the dust never settles?

As businesses continue to navigate the ongoing uncertainty, volatility, and disruption in their markets and industries, we believe there has never been a better opportunity to create robust, innovative solutions and products to drive our clients’ success. To put it differently, we focus on the possibilities rather than the concerns.


A new model,
for a new time

Our team of experts build tailored marketing solutions for our clients in 26 different countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

We utilise strategic and innovative thinking and capabilities at the intersect of emerging and exponential technologies and creative design.

Find out how consumer behaviour has shifted in 2021 and how your brand can win for the year ahead. Download our 2021 The Great Reset Of Our Time whitepaper.


Global supply-chain and procurement expertise. Local suppliers.

We support the world’s most recognised brands in the sustainable and efficient sourcing of their marketing and promotional materials. There’s a reason they entrust us with managing over $250 million in spend on their behalf every year.


Office locations


Different countries


Clients who trust us


Where strategic thinking, technology and creativity collide.

Our strategic and creative agency, Iconic Collective, has been changing the fortunes of businesses and brands across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East since 2014. Their Agile Integrated Marketing model places data and strategic thinking at the heart of all creative marketing solutions they execute.

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Data, alone, has close to no value.

It’s what you do with that data that defines its value. Our Insights division has an unrivalled team of data scientists and analysts whose sole focus is to unify data sources and interrogate those sources for the key and strategic insights for our clients.

We partner with our clients to help inform their strategic planning across their territories to achieve the business and brand drivers and goals.

Producing over 100 insight reports to our clients every month, we ensure our clients are informed, prepared and enabled to make the decisions their businesses need them to make.

Download our Digital Transformation whitepaper and lead your business through the critical elements to consider when engaging in digital transformation and what to plan deeply for to ensure the success of your efforts.


Inspiring action through innovation

Our business is built with the drive and expertise of our leadership team at its core.  A team who have in excess of 200 years combined commercial experience, across a myriad of industries and across five different continents.  Our leadership team places our clients’ business objectives at the heart of the strategies they develop for them and support our entire business in the execution of those strategies to ensure success.

Our executive team has been mindfully built and features a complimentary skillset and areas of deep expert knowledge, allowing us to fully support all our clients.  We combine our global executive knowledge with our local execution divisions, partnering with our customers in the markets and industries they work in.  Our executive team demonstrate deep value, insights and trust to those they guide and to those they lead.


Welcome to our journey

At Point, we believe we all have a responsibility to look after our planet and make sure we do everything possible to leave it a better place than before. We therefore interpret our clients’ needs and guide them towards the most sustainable solution to meet their requirements.

Our intention is to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure we are moving towards a more sustainable future by using more environmentally and responsibly sourced materials – from the board used in manufacturing structures, the plastic in our promotional items and the paper used in our print jobs.

We have begun the journey to understand each of the regions and markets that we operate in, specifically around manufacturing processes available and what materials are available in these markets so that we can build a more detailed and effective approach for sustainability within these regions.


Keep updated with us.

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