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Why us?

We're all about innovation

We actively encourage collaboration, problem-solving and re-imagination because innovation is ingrained into our culture and mindset. We approach design, procurement, technology, and everything in-between in a better way.

We make things easier for you

POSMAT is a first-to-market technology that live tracks, manages and reports on the status and location of your POS units. POSMAT offers real-time reporting and supplier accountability to achieve a higher POS strike rate and ROI.

Regional relevance is key

Our specialist teams are located across Africa and the Middle East which enables us to offer extensive operating knowledge of the regions we service. We advise our clients on local relevancy, adaptations, supplier competencies and the potential longevity of campaigns before production.


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See how our multiple data sources have revealed the seismic shifts in consumer and shopper behaviour over the last six months. Download our latest White Paper, The Great Reset of our Time.

Point generates significant savings for our clients.

At Point, we apply a rigorous approach to analysing the savings accruing to our clients made possible by our Point systems and processes. We embrace a range of diverse savings methodologies to suit our clients’ needs. Over and above cost savings in excess of 25% we deliver world-class innovation and significant time savings.

Overall cost savings0%

+ 250 staff

are part of the Point team in 13 territories across Africa and the Middle East.

Our global community is driven by integrity, innovation and partnership. Our teams are dedicated to delivering efficiencies, quality control, transparency, market understanding and savings to our clients.