Fads & Futures: Decoding What Matters for Your Brand #3


The digital landscape is a whirlwind of trends. Some fizzle out quickly, while others reshape our world. At Point, we believe understanding both is crucial.

Fads: Playful Signposts of Cultural Shifts

Think TikTok challenges or the latest slang. Fads are fleeting yet valuable. They reflect broader cultural currents and keep your brand relevant and playful. They offer a chance to connect with your audience in a light-hearted way.

Futures: The Tides of Change Shaping Our World

But fads are just the tip of the iceberg. Futures are the deeper cultural shifts that slowly reshape how we experience the world. These are the trends with staying power, the ones that will impact your brand strategy for years to come.

Gaming & Digital Worlds:

  • Trends: Gaming, Brands in Gaming, Gamification, Creation Gaming
  • Summary: The gaming industry is exploding, attracting brands who are building branded games, advertising within gaming environments, and integrating game – like mechanics into their marketing. Platforms like Roblox and Minecraft are empowering users to create their own digital worlds, representing a new frontier for brand engagement with creative, tech-savvy audiences.

Consumer Behavior & Experiences:

  • Trends: Anemoia, TikTok & Music, FinTok, Ethical AI
  • Summary: Consumers are experiencing a shift in how they interact with the world. They are nostalgic for simpler times while simultaneously embracing digital platforms like TikTok for information and entertainment. There’s a growing demand for financial literacy and ethical practices, particularly in areas like AI development and marketing.

Retail Evolution:

  • Trends: AI Sensors In-store, Retail Media for Non-Retailers, Hologram Display, Audio Zones, Lift & Learn, Rotating LED
  • Summary: The retail landscape is undergoing a transformation driven by technology. Retailers are using AI to understand customer behavior and personalize experiences, expanding beyond traditional retail media to monetize their own

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