Point to expand footprint into Ethiopia, Qatar, Turkey, and Iraq

Point, a leading provider of global marketing services, has announced their intended expansion of its geographic footprint into four new countries: Ethiopia, Qatar, Turkey, and Iraq. This strategic move underscores Point’s commitment to supporting its clients as they navigate the dynamic and growing markets of Africa and the Middle East.

Strategically, these territories are experiencing substantial growth. Point recognises the increasing need from its clients for a trusted partner who can provide unrivalled service and local expertise to capture and grow market share locally.

Point has always approached geographic expansion with a deep understanding of each country’s unique challenges and opportunities. After extensive research and analysis, Point is committed to hiring the best local talent to ensure that local knowledge is deeply ingrained within the business, enabling the company to navigate these markets effectively and build a sustainable and ethical business presence.

Dermot Latimer, CEO of Point, commented, “The decision to expand into these specific territories is driven by Point’s persistent focus on driving ROI. 

Our team is obsessed with our customer’s success – we’re well-placed to become strategic partners in solving business problems our clients don’t yet know exist within their businesses. This market expansion is part of my ambition to lead the group to significant growth over the next five years, evangelising our marketing investment partner solutions with more customers in more regions.”

As chief revenue officer Mike Hall expressed his enthusiasm, “Moving into these diverse countries is a natural step for us to continue our local expertise while pursuing global growth and customer support. Existing Point clients will benefit immensely from this expansion. They will gain improved support, access to local expertise, and new opportunities within these regions.

This expansion also aligns seamlessly with Point’s mission to enhance efficiencies, increase effectiveness, and uphold the highest ethical standards in serving our global clients operating in these markets.”

Point offers a unique and compelling proposition for potential new clients in these regions. The synergy between the group offering from Point and their agency business unit, Iconic Collective, enables it to provide an unparalleled depth of services, industry knowledge, and a strong commitment to local markets. This presents exciting prospects for clients looking to expand their operations in Ethiopia, Qatar, Turkey, and Iraq.