Point’s Statement On Diversity & Inclusion

2020 has changed our “normal”. This year is challenging us to change our way of: working; thinking; and living. Change is uncomfortable, but it is necessary. As we navigate through realities presented to us by Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, as a business and as individuals, it is time to review and reaffirm our stance as conscious corporate citizens.

As a business, we unequivocally stand against racism, inequality and injustice. We reject all racism and prejudice in our organisation, across our partnerships and in society. There is no space in our business for hatred to fester.

Point stands for equality diversity and progress. Due to our geographical footprint across Africa and the Middle East, we have witnessed undeniable disparity across societies and communities. We recognise that is our responsibility as an industry leader to evoke change.

We know that real change is only possible through action. We remain committed to advancing diversity and inclusion within all our partnerships and will continue to seek ways to improve and listen to concerns. We acknowledge that there is still a great amount of work be done.
Our commitment to our staff
Our objective is to cultivate an environment that goes beyond tolerance; to actively celebrate diversity and inclusion. We are committed to granting equal opening opportunities to all employees irrespective of gender and race to accurately represent the local countries and communities we work within.
Today, 47% of our workforce is made of females and 69% of people of colour. These are our current numbers and we will continue to monitor and diversify.
Our commitment to supporting a diverse supplier base
We are committed to local sourcing and championing empowered suppliers. We provide small suppliers a level playing field to compete and unlock access to a range of clients.
Covid-19 has had a considerable impact on our industry. Small and medium sized businesses make up a significant portion of our supplier base and these are the businesses most impacted by the pandemic. We plan to help these suppliers by advocating for reduced payment terms.
We continue our SME & ESD programmes, with the below key focus points for the current financial year:

Our three core values – Innovation, Sustainability & Integrity – create an environment to cultivate progress, new ways of thinking and ethical partnerships. Social, business and environmental sustainability is not a passing trend, but it’s a mandate.

We know we aren’t perfect as a business and we still have a lot to learn and implement to make true diversity and inclusion a reality. We encourage our staff, clients and suppliers to engage with us, so together we can positively change our industry and societies in our “new normal”.