Point News Room – The Internet of Things – Bridge the Gap


The Internet of Things is an extension of internet connectivity to physical objects and inanimate things. IoT bridges the gap between the physical world, as we know it, and the digital realm using independently connected technologies.

Why? To collect and exchange previously unobtainable data and to enable a new category of services aimed at improving the quality of life and productivity of individuals, society & enterprises.

Right information at the right time and right place

We have the data, but how do you truly be customer-centric and data-driven champions? Employ IoT.

Using connected technologies

Marketers are already using IoT connected technologies to analyse customer buying habits across multiple digital platforms and to gather previously unobtainable data about how consumers interact with devices and products.

The focus going forward will be:

Gain deeper insights into the different touch points in the customers buying journey.

Providing real-time point-of-sale notifications & targeted ads.

Rapidly resolve issues in order to close sales and keep the customer happy.

From a digital perspective, the continuous developments in IoT connected technologies has awarded marketers the opportunity to extract consumer data from all stages & touch points of the omnichannel.

The outcome? A relationship between brand and customer that is based on facts, is relevant, and helpful.

More connectivity (via smart products or social media)
Leads to more data (customer or product feedback)
Leads to smarter data
Leads to more relevant campaigns
Leads to more customer engagement

How to keep up with the rapid growth & adoption of IoT