Point News Room – Promo Merch for Informal & Modern Trade


Giving your brand longevity

Promotional mechandise in the informal and modern trade has ample opportunity for building brand recognition, reputation and sales. The informal market especially has serious potential as it’s a growing market for many brands. Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective marketing tactics and allow you to market your brand long after other forms of media have been consumed and forgotten – up to 12 months and longer. In this issue of Point Forward we analyse how effective promotional products can be in across the informal and modern trade.

Promotional items rank as one of the most effective prompts to action across generations at low cost, compared to all other media, making it the leader in ROMI.

Informal Trade

Promotional items is a low-cost marketing solution to build brand recognition and loyalty. Promotional items in the informal trade space have two roles, as the visible and tangible. One for the seller/retailer and the latter for the consumer.

The trader / the visible

Informal traders are always looking for ways to make it easier, more convenient and more comfortable to sell their goods.

A great way to showcase your brand is to help the trader in these aspects by incorporating your logo into their sales equipment.

This can be done with colorful, lightweight accessories such as branded hawker trays, lightweight umbrellas and gazebos, portable vending solutions, money belts and branded apparel.


Top promotional products for sellers/retailers are items that have multiple usage including: as buckets, apparel, umbrellas, kitchenware, stationery and drums.


The informal trade consumer is value driven and price conscious.

A great way to sway this consumer is with a value add or bundle offering.

Create brand experiences that last – the modern consumer expects brands to reach them on a personal level. Using customised promotional items is an effective marketing solution to achieve this. Customise the right promotional items for the right audience.

With day laborers and children making up most informal trade customers, a promotional item aimed at this target market will go a long way in ensuring your product gets the nod every time.

Inexpensive giveaways such as torches, bottle openers, stationery items, mobile phone accessories, toys and grooming items gives the consumer tangible access to your brands.

Top promotional products for consumers are for everyday usage, they include: pens, mugs, hats, toys, and aprons.

Modern Trade

Across most markets globally, we have seen promotional products have many uses within the Modern Trade. Promotional products are regularly used to build hype and incentive to purchase, they add value in cost promotions, competitions, activations and day-to-day on-shelf sales activities. Consumers spend hours every week shopping in Modern Trade, promotional items prolong the brand impact long after the shopping is done.

For best results, marketers use branded promotional products that are frequently used in homes or at work. People are at work 8 hours a day, for 5 days a week, and the rest of the conscious hours are spent mainly at home.

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Top promotional products for modern trade include: drinkware, bags, USB's, desk accessories, notepads, power banks & collectables

Partner with the retailer

Due to the reach of the modern trade to brand’s popular target markets, combining efforts between brands and the retailer is one way to boost sales, brand trust and customer engagement. These giveaways can be as small as a luxury hamper to as big as a car. This type of promotional giveaway has a further long-term advantage, as it generates a consumer database enabling brands and retailers to continue targeting and marketing long after the consumers have left the store.