Omnichannel Marketing: The Customer Connection


The customer connection

An ‘Always Addressable Consumer’* correctly targeted with an Omnichannel strategy will remain a Loyal Brand Advocate. They will purchase and recommend your product for as long as they feel the experience enriches their lives.

One size does not fit all
Maximise the brand experience
Take advantage of all platforms
Create the connection

An Omnichannel approach strategically tracks, measures and rewards behaviour throughout the customer experience.

The End Goal

is creating Brand Advocates, achieved through a mix of coordinated cross-channel engagements including personalised communication which delivers a meaningful and relevant brand experience.

Why Brand Advocates?

because they become your loyal customer base and contribute to your overall strategy through referrals, recommendations and reviews of their experiences.

The question now is, to whom, when and how to deliver the messaging?

Big Data

The key to an Omnichannel approach is interpreting data and serving the right offer at the right time.

According to an IBM study, only 10% of data collected is being effectively utilised, meaning that 90% of data is misinterpreted and become lost opportunities.

Big Data, is a generic term used to describe large data sets comprised from
continuous sources (i.e. purchases, blogs, websites, surveys, email, tweets and likes etc.)





Where to look

Finding your next Brand Advocate can be tricky.

How to spot an ‘Always Addressable Consumer’*

Multiple Devices

A consumer who owns three or more devices

Frequent Access

A consumer who goes online multiple times a day

Multiple locations

A consumer who accesses the internet from multiple locations

Making contact

Mobile Devices

have become a necessity in every day life, including developing markets. The advanced technology of these devices enhances day-to-day activities of the user as well as provide endless opportunities for brands to reach their customers.


Social Media

integration into everyday life has made this channel a powerful marketing tool. Be sure to focus your brand activity on suitable platforms and to use relevant content, don’t saturate your consumers with content.


SEO, SEM and Retargeting

direct customers to specific locations, sites and stores. Data regarding frequent visits to a specific location can also be used to create tailored vouchers to reward the consumer for loyalty.


Proximity Detection

allows for a two metre communication sharing radius alerting the consumer of nearby product promotion. Near Field Communication provides a platform to replace traditional loyalty cards, leading to a more convenient and easier customer experience. Data can also be collated for future communication strategy.