The benefits of print management

Typically a print broker is seen as someone who is a middleman between print buyers and suppliers, taking prices from a number of print suppliers for a job or jobs and pushing them out to buyers.

In print management however, the ultimate aim of delivery is efficiency – for both client and printer. Improved process efficiency to ensure highly efficient timing, application of materials, waste reduction, planning, cost and staff utilization, ensures that clients get the best result and the print industry benefits.

Why use Point as your Procurement Specialists?

Cost savings of between 20% and more on print buying activity.

Greater efficiency from the Marketing team, who will be freed up to concentrate on marketing activities (as opposed to managing print issues).

Clear transparency and visibility into all print activity.

Sarbanes Oxley compliance for auditing purposes. i.e. solid corporate governance.

Consistency in quality output.

Strong reporting capability to support any print target goals (E.g. measurement of FSC green stock used).

Best In Class technology.

Improved process to meet BEE or development targets.

Printers enjoy approved supplier list status and increased workflow.

Printers are paid timeously for properly delivered goods.