It all starts with design.

Our in-house Industrial Design and Design Application departments create immense value for all your 3D and 2D marketing requirements. The teams specialise in structural refinements and graphic adaptations delivering your campaign fit for local and regional markets.

Industrial Design

Our Industrial Designers consult on all your POS and packaging needs. As specialists in manufacturing, value engineering and fit for purpose design the team can transform your basic structural designs into efficient and innovative units for all trade types.

Our commitment to generating savings and time efficiency is driven from the initial design refinement stage as this team advises on all adaptations while maintaining the highest quality. The possibilities for your in-store marketing campaigns are limitless. Combine your POS unit with the new digital age. See results and adapt campaigns in real-time for maximum ROI with the help of intelligent software capturing and acting on shopper engagement.

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Design | Point | Your marketing services

Partnering with suppliers to create your vision from concept, design to instore activation.

Design | Point | Your marketing services

Pushing digital instore to new levels creating digitally harmonised units and setting new standards for visual communication, shopper interaction and data harvesting.

Design | Point | Your marketing services

Developing permanent harmonised units in order to control costs whilst repositioning the brand image in the market.

“The service that we provide goes beyond application and structural engineering, it is a partnership with our clients, their agencies and suppliers. As a team, we have a passion that translates into consistently providing a quality product.” Boyd Trollip, Head of Design Application

2D & 3D Design Application

Fast, accessible and efficient design application ensures brand consistency and visibility across all your marketing applications. Avoid all unnecessary design stresses and involve our Design Application Specialists right from the start.

We offer multimedia adaptation and application for your entire campaign artwork roll-out from print, POS, digital media, and 3D modelling to rendering, and animations. Our DTP specialists work alongside our Industrial Design department to create aligned, production-ready design artwork for all your POS requirements.

360º & Product Photography

We understand the two-fold value of investing in our people’s skills as well as the latest technologies to bring our clients real efficiencies of the highest quality. Our product photography service offers full 360º photographic solutions as well as retouching and image correction in record time, ready to be applied to multiple media.


Benefits of our 360º photography offering:


minutes shoot


minutes deep-etch


minutes re-touching

Design | Point | Your marketing services
Design | Point | Your marketing services
Design | Point | Your marketing services
Design | Point | Your marketing services
Design | Point | Your marketing services