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Our end-to-end marketing services. Your full campaign delivered.
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As your strategic marketing services partner, our area of expertise is managing your end-to-end marketing solutions. We manage your campaign from initial design refinements to final installation and ongoing maintenance with transparent and live reporting throughout. We deliver world class innovation and significant time and cost savings.

Q1: Are you juggling multiple suppliers for one marketing campaign?
Q2: Do you know the actual strike rate of your point of sale merchandise in trade?
Q3: How do you manage quality and adherence to corporate image?


We adapt, procure and manage all marketing materials and services for multiple campaigns across brands and countries. Our teams of Procurement Specialists, Industrial Designers and Design Application Specialists are based on client premises for readily access alongside the Client Management teams. In using our offered technologies we deliver your campaign more efficiently and transparently right from design stage to in-store maintenance.

What makes Point’s approach to innovation different to others?

It’s the fundamental belief that innovation cannot be contained or limited to one person or department, but that innovation exists at every level across all functions within the Point universe.

We actively encourage collaboration, problem-solving and re-imagination because innovation is ingrained in our culture and mindset. We approach design, technology, and everything in-between in a better way. We are committed to finding it within ourselves, our partners and our clients.

More on our Innovation

Innovation is in our blood

Although price and quality management are foundational to our process, we also strongly believe in fostering creativity and developing supplier competency across our region.

To do this we stimulate new ideas, products and processes via our Innovation Days which we host across the various territories each year. We use these sessions to challenge suppliers to address client needs and strengthen the supplier network’s capabilities. We harness market complexities by creating conducive spaces for creative solution-making.