Our Story

The starting point. A journey to remember.

A proud history

Point’s story began in 2006 when we recognised a need within the industry to manage the procurement requirements of large corporations in South Africa.

From this point onward, we have grown from strength to strength in our service offering, knowledge base, regional expansion and supplier network. With over a decade of success, we offer our clients local market expertise and deliver end-to-end marketing services solutions across Africa and the Middle East.


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A focus on sustainability

Point is committed to sustainability within all our partnerships and practices. As conscientious corporate citizens, we proactively promote ethical and responsible social, environmental and business practices.


In achieving this, we responsibly comply with our Code of Business Ethics and conduct regular audits both internally and on our suppliers.

EcoVadis Audit

The EcoVadis audit provides sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for all our global supply chains so we can effectively monitor our suppliers’ sustainability performance. Through this, we ensure our network is reliable, competitive and adhering to all-round sustainability to reduce risk and protect our clients, suppliers and staff.


Point conducts mandatory second-party SMETA audits on SEDEX, the online ethics and responsibility management platform, to promote and ensure responsible social and environmental practices within our supplier network.

Supplier development

We are committed to the active development of our supply chain. We encourage ethical supply chain practices, support suppliers’ development and report on their compliance and governance.

Suppliers are audited against metrics to ensure that they meet with our quality, delivery and CSR requirements. Our supplier management process is implemented on every project to provide objective and transparent metrics.

B-BBEE in South Africa

Point has worked determinedly to ensure that we meet the statutory B-BBEE requirements and that our business evolves with the South African landscape to ensure we are representative and supportive of the profile of our country. In delivering this certificate we are pleased to have achieved the Level 2 Contributor status.

We are proud of our 51% Black Ownership, 40.71% Black Women Ownership and B-BEE procurement recognition level of 125%. We support our partners and suppliers in transforming and aligning to B-BBEE requirements. We have committed to ongoing supplier development to ensure compliance and improvements which ultimately contributes to our client’s business goals.

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